Information Ethics

From one of our readings from this week called the ethical concepts and information technology gives four things that we should know. These four concepts are we can learn from cynics, we have to use the right language to describe how IT interacts with society, the IT professionals still need to struggle with the tension between individuals and collectives, and lastly ethical decision making. Technology is used everywhere, and everyone is using it. It is important to learn the proper way of using our technology in a proper way with ethical concepts. Another reading also mentioned technological innovations are profound to social and ethical effects. Both of this article relates ethical and technology and this shows how technology is growing today.

While I was writing a pop culture analysis essay, I was also able to relate my movie, WALL-E, to ethical concerns. I didn’t know that movie had these issues, but when I watched the movie again, I realized a few ethical problems and concerns. During this semester I learned about things that I never thought about. We are living with technology today but there are also problems and that follows. I had a chance to think about our future and the solution to the proper way of using technology for all ages.